John and Andy met online and talked for a few weeks before finally meeting up in person. They immediately hit it off and talked for hours. Andy states that he knew John was special when he gained the approval of his trusted companion, Dexter (p.s. Dexter loves everyone).

They continued to see each other and after about a month and half, John asked Andy to go steady and be his first boyfriend. This was only the beginning of their adventure. John and Andy continued to spend time together and fell in love more each and every day. They traveled the world together (Europe, Australia, San Diego, Denver, Atlanta) and immediately became an integral part in each other's life, always being there for one another.

On April 21, 2017, on a trip to Spain, the pair ventured outside of Barcelona to hike up the mountains of Montserrat. Once they reached the peak, John got on one knee and proposed to Andy in Spanish. If context clues weren't enough, John repeated everything back in English and saved the last line to be spoken in Spanish, "¿Te casarias conmigo?" (Will you marry me?). Andy definitely shed a few tears and replied back "sí!"

Both John and Andy liked the idea of a fall wedding and tied the knot shortly after. They married on October 22, 2017 at the Eagan Community Center in a beautiful fall ceremony surrounded by family and friends that they love.

John and Andy always knew they'd want a family of their own, and are ecstatic to begin the journey of parenting through adoption!

One of Our First Pictures

First Picture

First Wedding We Attended Together

Our First International Trip


Traveling Down Under

Down Under

Our Engagement in Spain

Spain Engagement

Our Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Honeymoon in Hawaii

Hawaii Honeymoon

New Home - 2018

New Home

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