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I was born in Burnsville, MN to parents Doug and Cherie, the middle of five kids (Neil, Chris, Nick, and Katie). Coming from a large family, spending time with my siblings was always a lot of fun. We played video games, loved outdoor activities, and regularly reenacted "Survivor" (one of our favorite TV shows) on the trampoline in the backyard. Some of my favorite memories as a kid include a trip to Disney World, the Wisconsin Dells, and Saturday movie nights with my dad's famous homemade popcorn. In addition to my siblings, my parents also took in and raised three additional kids (Jake and twins Conner and Brandon) who became siblings to me as well. It was great having such a busy household, though we didn't always have a lot of privacy!

I went to Rosemount High School and played both soccer and tennis growing up. I attended Inver Hills Community College and also worked full-time at Blockbuster (so many free movie rentals!). My friend from Blockbuster was attending school to become a paramedic and got me interested in the field. After getting an Associates Degree and a Degree in Paramedicine, I became a Paramedic for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester in 2014. I now am a Field Training Officer there and spend my time running 911 calls and training new paramedics. Each day can be different and crazy (including delivering a baby!), but I love serving the community and helping those in need.

I met Andy in 2014 and knew he was something special. Proposing in Spain to him was a day I'll never forget! As an adult, I love spending time with my family, especially nieces Zoey and Kylie. I feel like I'll continue to be their jungle gym, even as they get older and older! I'm really into gardening and food preservation, especially canning. Some of my favorites to make (and for Andy to eat) are cinnamon peach jam, applesauce, and pickles! I frequently visit Reality TV blogs and my dream is to be on Survivor one day - I've been watching the show since Season 1 when I was 10 and have never missed an episode! 

I am ecstatic to become a father! My patience, selfless attitude, and loving nature will create a positive environment for our future children.

Always a Jungle Gym for Zoey + Kylie!

Jungle Gym for Zoey and Kylie

Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

Being Goofy in Iceland

Goofy in Iceland
Surfing on Waikiki Beach

Trying Surfing on Waikiki Beach

Out in the Garden


Zoey and Molly Came to Visit


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