We are both extremely close with our families and most live just minutes away from our suburban Minneapolis home! The family is ecstatic for a new addition, especially nieces Zoey and Kylie! (Woof, woof! Dexter and Brayden are also eager to be protective brothers.)


We are very fortunate to have a loving and supportive family that has always been there for us. We know they will be a valuable and important resource for us during the journey of parenting. Any children raised by us will have the full love and support of our entire families.

Rehearsal Dinner with Zoey and Kylie

Kylie and Zoey

Andy's Immediate Family

Andy Family Wedding

John's Immediate Family

John's Immediate Family

Saint's Game with Family

Saint's Game

The Family LOVES Escape Rooms

Escape Roo

With Sister and Uncle in San Diego


With Grandma and Zoey

Zoey Birthday

Zoey's Sixth Birthday Party

Aunts, Sister, and Cousins at Disneyland


Sister, Her Boyfriend, and Aunt

Tiffany and Mike

Look at Little Kylie

Little Kylie

Dexter and the Girls on Christmas

Dexter and the Girls

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